KP Duffle After Months of Intense Use

Before I go into detail about the bag itself, I would first like to point out that after receiving this bag I’ve used it anywhere from 3-6 days a week with lots of walking. The bag has also been through environments that have left some visible markings. I’ve deliberately not cleaned the bag to show what it would look like with heavy use (but cleaning the bag is easy which I will go into more detail further in this post).

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Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pixel XL Case Impressions

So I recently got the Pixel XL, and I love the phone. Its design is beautiful, but there is a slight drawback in that it’s quite slippery to hold. I decided I would do the sensible thing and slap a case on this thing. The Ultra Hybrid is a Spigen line of cases that they make for most modern devices. I decided on this case because I wanted decent protection from falls while also showcasing the beautiful back of the phone. Spigen boasts the following from their website:

  • Military Grade Protection with Air-Cushion Technology for all corners
  • Hybrid structure that combines flexible TPU bumper and clear PC back
  • All around crystal clarity to easily showcase your phone’s design
  • Amp up the case by displaying hints of personality between its back
  • Raised lips ensure added protection of screen and camera

Alright now we know the specs of this thing, let’s see how it looks on the device.

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Pixel XL Unboxing and First Impressions

Google has taken a bit of a sharp turn and has produced a phone lineup separate to their traditional Nexus phones which most Android enthusiasts loved. Perfect for developers; the Nexus phones were affordable phones with stock Android plus a build and battery life that weren’t the best. They were also designed and manufactured by a third party although Google had some input. As a result, these phones could be bought at an affordable price and ran pretty well.

The Pixel phones, however, are Google’s attempt at flagship devices with near-stock Android plus a few extra exclusive features all juiced up with some superior specs. They are designed by Google themselves then manufactured by HTC. Google are aiming for the top with these new devices, and as a result, their target audience has also changed from Android enthusiasts to the everyday user.


It’s finally here. After waiting patiently since the pre-orders went live, my Very Silver 128GB Pixel XL has arrived. This article will be an unboxing and first impressions review of the phone.

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Pok3r RGB Review

So after a long wait and much anticipation, I’ve finally received my Pok3r RGB. This article is simply going to be a quick overview and opinion piece without going in depth about programming the board, changing lights, etc. That information is all in the official manual here and also other places online with a little bit of searching. I also won’t be going into the switches as you can choose what you want when you buy the board (I went with Cherry MX Blues).

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Found a few old keyboards

Full keyboard with cherry compatible keycaps

Today I decided to have a look through my old things when I came across a box of old IBM and other various keyboards so naturally, I inspected all of them to see if I had any interesting models amongst them. Three of the 10+ boards had interesting looking switches, and I had no easy time figuring out their type so I turned to /r/MechanicalKeyboards for some identification.


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