Pok3r RGB Review

So after a long wait and much anticipation, I’ve finally received my Pok3r RGB. This article is simply going to be a quick overview and opinion piece without going in depth about programming the board, changing lights, etc. That information is all in the official manual here and also other places online with a little bit of searching. I also won’t be going into the switches as you can choose what you want when you buy the board (I went with Cherry MX Blues).

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Found a few old keyboards

Full keyboard with cherry compatible keycaps

Today I decided to have a look through my old things when I came across a box of old IBM and other various keyboards so naturally, I inspected all of them to see if I had any interesting models amongst them. Three of the 10+ boards had interesting looking switches, and I had no easy time figuring out their type so I turned to /r/MechanicalKeyboards for some identification.


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