Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pixel XL Case Impressions

So I recently got the Pixel XL, and I love the phone. Its design is beautiful, but there is a slight drawback in that it’s quite slippery to hold. I decided I would do the sensible thing and slap a case on this thing. The Ultra Hybrid is a Spigen line of cases that they make for most modern devices. I decided on this case because I wanted decent protection from falls while also showcasing the beautiful back of the phone. Spigen boasts the following from their website:

  • Military Grade Protection with Air-Cushion Technology for all corners
  • Hybrid structure that combines flexible TPU bumper and clear PC back
  • All around crystal clarity to easily showcase your phone’s design
  • Amp up the case by displaying hints of personality between its back
  • Raised lips ensure added protection of screen and camera

Alright now we know the specs of this thing, let’s see how it looks on the device.


Right out of the box, you can see that it has plastic film on the inside and outside of the clear PC back of the case.

You can easily pull it off by picking at it with your nails; I’ll start with the back of the case.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pixel XL Case

Now the front.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pixel XL Case

As a result of the protective film, the back of the case is crystal clear.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pixel XL Case

Now let’s see how this thing looks like on the phone itself.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pixel XL Case Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pixel XL Case


My experience with this case has been great. I adore how I can see everything I love about this device while also being reassured that there is some level of protection from accidental drops and falls. One small thing I would like to point out would be that there is a slight lip on each corner of the case as well as an air bubble for the drop protection. The case feels solid to hold and provides an enjoyable experience while using the device. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a clear case for their phone.

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