Pixel XL Unboxing and First Impressions

Google has taken a bit of a sharp turn and has produced a phone lineup separate to their traditional Nexus phones which most Android enthusiasts loved. Perfect for developers; the Nexus phones were affordable phones with stock Android plus a build and battery life that weren’t the best. They were also designed and manufactured by a third party although Google had some input. As a result,┬áthese phones could be bought at an affordable price and ran pretty well.

The Pixel phones, however, are Google’s attempt at flagship devices with near-stock Android plus a few extra exclusive features all juiced up with some superior specs. They are designed by Google themselves then manufactured by HTC. Google are aiming for the top with these new devices, and as a result, their target audience has also changed from Android enthusiasts to the everyday user.


It’s finally here. After waiting patiently since the pre-orders went live, my Very Silver 128GB Pixel XL has arrived. This article will be an unboxing and first impressions review of the phone.

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